Earthquake Resistant Structure Technology
"To Reduce the Damages of Properties and Human Lives occured worldwide due to the Earthquakes"
There are more than 83,000 PLUS Earthquakes takes place on the Globe in last 365 Days [23-9-2018]
[ONLY above 1.5 Richter Scale]
If we take into account all other Earthquakes of all lesser magnitudes, then there will be more than one lakh Earthquakes in just 365 days which comes to an average of 274 Earthquakes happening per day.

Question arises that, if there are Earthquakes happening in such large numbers then How have it not caused the destruction of earth or how is the earth not getting destroyed by such Earthquakes???

The answer to this question is, Earthquakes that cause building collapse, loss of human life and other casualties are the Earthquakes which are of higher magnitude i.e. of 6 Richter scale or more magnitude.

About 120 to 130 Hazardous Earthquakes [6 Plus Richter Scale Magnitude] happen every year all over the Globe.
About Us

Earthquake Resistant Structure Technology [ERST] is filed for Patent before the Controller of Patents & Designs, India
and with the WIPO [World Intellectual Property Organization] by Inventor Mahesh Yashraj.

Our Contribution

World is facing the challenge of reducing the losses of properties and human lives, caused due to Earthquakes. There are various Geological Experts & Research Institutes worldwide, predicting about the Earthquakes... Most of them don't have the remedial measures to reduce the damages of properties and the human lives.
Being an Inventor, we have remedial measures to Reduce the Damages of Properties and Human Lives.

Remember... "Prevention is alwasy better than cure"...
1. USA

4. Mexico is most Earthquake Prone Country President's Reply to our Letter
2. Singapore

5.El Salvador is also most Earthquake Prone Country Presidents Reply to us!

Our Objective is not to Create Fear and Panic,
But to Offer an info and Preventive Measures!
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